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tielsa – your smart living kitchen – with innovative SensFloor® technology

Kitchens at the centres of our homes move more and more into focus of our vibrant lives. How come? We constantly change and each one of us is different. But still we all spend some time in the kitchen every day – not only to prepare meals: We like to sit, cook, and work in it. The kitchen serves as a hub of our homes. This is where life writes new stories every day. Nowadays the kitchen has become part of our vibrant lives. Kitchens by tielsa provide a perfect combination of innovation, function, and design. Always striving for a maximum of ergonomics and comfort. Using all designs as a centre of life for the smart living generation. tielsa kitchens are designed modularly and may be converted or complemented as needed to adapt to each situation in life of its users.

SensFloor provides comfort and safety: Orientation lights that turn on automatically at night prevent falls. People lying on the floor trigger fall alarms. Combined with a burglar alarm system SensFloor can detect unauthorised intruders. Movements by residents on the other hand do not trigger any alarms. If at some point users require wheelchairs, doors can be activated automatically and intelligently, already opening when they are approached. This prevents having to align wheelchairs or rollators with them. If you only walk past the doors or stand in front of them, they remain closed. Even more – tielsa kitchens adapt their height to whether you are sitting or standing.

All these functions can be activated at a later stage without any reconstruction work necessary.

tielsa provides the perfect kitchen for a vibrant life – made in Germany.