SensFloor® in SmartHome und AAL
  • SensFloor® Sensorboden: Sturzerkennung und Aktivitätsmonitoring in Pflege, AAL und Gebäudeautomation
  • SensFloor® Sensorboden Applikationen: Sturzerkennung und Aktivitätsmonitoring in Pflege und AAL

SensFloor® – large-area sensor floor for home automation and Smart Home

Our proximity-sensitive SensFloor underlay can be installed beneath conventional flooring. Whenever a person walks across the sensor floor, sensor signals are sent wirelessly (868 MHz) to a control unit and different types of events are identified: The system distinguishes between a person standing or lying on the sensor floor and determines the direction and the velocity of movements.

The smart combination of sensor signals enables a variety of applications in the fields of comfort, security, and energy conservation: switching of orientation lights, controlling of automatic doors, fall detection, burglar alarm, activity monitoring, water-leak detection, as well as presence-controlled light and temperature management.

Our different SensFloor transceivers are able to control applications directly, using their integrated relays, or can be integrated into home automation systems via a serial interface. The SensFloor system has all necessary certifications for installation in buildings.

We would be glad to advise you with your preferred application.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".