SensFloor® Life

More safety and comfort in assisted living

Assisted or independent living are shaping the future of housing facilities. In order to be able to accompany senior citizens in their apartments from the start and until the end, the infrastructure must be able to adapt to the growing needs of the residents. Barrier-free equipment as well as scalable care and other assistance services are already the norm here. But what about the security of senior citizens in assisted living facilities? An emergency call button only helps if the resident is able to operate it in case of an emergency. Moreover the button does not give any warning if a resident suddenly faints, remains sick in bed unattended or if a person with dementia leaves the house at midnight. SensFloor LIFE combines many assistance functions in a single system – simple, discreet and reliable. With additional comfort functions, you can clearly set yourself apart from other providers in assisted living.


Emergency detection

  • Real-time fall alarm
  • Wandering alarm for dementia patients
  • Inactivity alarm
  • Alert for relatives/care providers
  • Information terminal for apartments with 24/7 concierge service
  • Connection to all call systems according to DIN 0834
Support for all involved

Clear information and overview

  • Information on the mobile app/on the PC
  • Alarms as push messages
  • Option for individual activity statistics
  • Traffic light symbol indicates whether the resident is doing well
  • Simple, intuitive handling
  • Data protection compliant

Comfort and safety functions

  • Daily activity visualisation helps to evaluate health status
  • Recognising gradual changes
  • Possible release of the data to doctors
  • Presence-controlled light and temperature regulation
  • Automatic doors
  • Smart Home functions
  • Building security/burglar alarm