3Monkeys’ game control at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Rudi Buchner, Chief Technical Officer at 3Monkeys, explains: “We were looking for an exciting new control system for a children’s game. A control that is fun and interactive, but can also be operated intuitively by children. After surfing the web for a while, I stumbled across Future-Shape, who offered a very interesting product: the SensFloor. After a few conversations about interfaces, we realised what we wanted to do: a computer game for children for which the control system runs on the floor.”

SensFloor and Hopathon
“Together with the SensFloor material, all that remained was to connect the communication protocols of the ground sensors with the real-time graphics system of Ventuz and the Hopathon was born.” Rudi continues: “Our end customer Action Impact was enthusiastic about the final result and the Hopathon worked flawlessly throughout the week. Especially exciting for me is the fact that we just scratched the functional possibilities of the SensFloor at the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned and don’t miss what we have in stock next!”