Touch-sensitive video wall system with sensor mats under the wooden floor (Photo: Amptown System Company)

AIDAnova – the future is picking up speed. (Photo: AIDA Cruises)

Digital Art Gallery on the AIDAnova

The new flagship of AIDA Cruises, AIDAnova, delights passengers with a wall-filling digital art gallery on board. The Hamburg system integrator Amptown System Company has developed and installed the multifunctional concept.

As the largest media technology installation in the gallery on deck 6, Amptown System Company (ASC) has mounted a split screen LCD video wall consisting of 6 x 2 Planar displays. During the day, different themes are displayed, including snapshots, lively pictures taken by the ship’s photographer and artwork that can be purchased on board.

SensFloor is installed directly in front of the screen under the wooden floor, invisible to the guests. The sensors detect when people are standing in front of the screen and trigger actions: For example, a virtual veil opens and, depending on the movements, the view of images in the background is released – an unexpected and attractive eye-catcher.

Further information about the installation here