Modern Assisted Living at Pflege Fischer

Comfort, safety, wellness, and the latest technology are what make up the new Fischer senior citizens’ care home in Weismain. Ideal for sprightly retirees who want to enjoy living alone or with a care-dependent partner and remain in their apartment up to the end of their lives. The advantages of a sensor-based assistance system were readily apparent to general manager Maria Simmler, and she decided in favor of SensFloor. At the Fischer care home, SensFloor is used to automatically control the lighting and some of the electronic equipment. To avoid falls, nightlights are switched on when someone gets out of bed, and puddles are reported. If a resident nevertheless falls, the floor immediately alerts the staff and guarantees speedy assistance. SensFloor Life slots perfectly into the Fischer care home’s concept of covering all phases in old age. Independence is fostered and the retirees feel pleasantly protected. Assisted living that does what it promises throughout retirement.

Incidentally, Ms. Simmler has no need of an advertising budget, because word of the modern apartments that are suitable for senior citizens spread quickly and the waiting list is long, without any marketing activities whatsoever.

Everyone wants to feel secure at home, in their own four walls. They also want to maintain their dignity and therefore their independence when they grow old. Even if they may need support at some point. Finding SensFloor was an absolute stroke of luck for me: it's precisely the kind of technology I was looking for: security that you can't see. Sensors that are hidden in the floor without the residents feeling that they're under surveillance or having to wear them.

Maria SimmlerGeneral manager