Live independently, in a senior-friendly home and remain autonomous

This idea becomes reality in the VITA D’ORO Concept® in Bad Griesbach, Germany:

The residents of the new residential park live in an open community and are integrated into the spa town of Bad Griesbach, which about 800 m from the town centre. This concept addresses the residents’ need for companionship and tranquillity. It also enables a good quality of life at home into old age.

Everyone wishes to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. When we do need assistance in old age, we still want to be able to live at home. SensFloor makes it possible:

  • The automatic switching of orientation lights at night prevents falls.
  • People lying on the floor generate a fall alarm that can also be forwarded to the service centre in the clubhouse.
  • In combination with the burglar alarm system, it can be detected if someone enters the house without authorisation. Movements by residents, on the other hand, do not trigger any alarm.
  • For people living alone, inactivity for too long can also be a cause for concern. Here, too, the floor notifies the service centre and prevents someone from lying helpless.
  • If a resident is dependent on a wheelchair, doors can be opened automatically when needed. The doors already open when a person moves towards them. This avoids manoeuvring with a wheelchair or rollator. If a person walks parallel to the door or just stands in front of it, it remains closed.
  • The SensFloor can also be combined with a runaway protection system for people with dementia or who are at risk of running away.

All these individual functions can also be activated subsequently, without further renovation measures.