Be Faster – Be Smarter – Be Better

In cooperation with NP-SOLUTION, SensFloor converted the floor of a new type of fitness arena into a giant touchpad. This power arena is called SpeedLetiX. Every movement in the training arena is measured and recorded by SensFloor and subsequently converted into a sporting experience by a tailor-made software and app solution from NP-SOLUTION. The combination of cognitive and physical fitness, with numerous fitness programs, offers a wide range of options to improve effectively one’s performance and health. This solution is not only highly effective, but also offers a great added value for every athlete.

The training units can be performed not only alone, but also as a team in competition mode. In addition to the athletic challenge, the combination of cognitive and physical challenge also protects users from the decline of mental and physical abilities especially in older people and even promotes rehabilitation.

More information about SpeedLetiX (in German only)