In 2017, the company Migros has toured across a number of Swiss shopping malls with its „Reaction wall“. With the help of the SensFloor sensors located under the flooring, visitors were able to operate the game and test their reactivity at the same time. Participants with the best skills could win sporty goodies.

The aim of the health campaign iMpuls (by the company Migros) was to bring the population in a playful way – not educational – closer to the topic “exercising”. The visitors had to find out: How am I doing with sports? What can I improve? How can I bring more movement into my daily life?

At the heart of the iMpuls booth concept were the three elements “Reaction wall”, “Wheel of fortune” and “Type generator” which had been conceived by made Marketing especially for this campaign.

You can find more information about the project on the website of made Marketing.

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