Fitness test with SensFloor® Gait

How can rehabilitation patients who have been prescribed a temporary conditioning training by their doctor be persuaded to continue their fitness training regularly in the future? Most rehabilitation customers complete their prescribed courses, but cannot be won as permanent customers in the fitness studio.

Stefanie Strelzyk, head of the fitness studio Body Up Med in Munich, wanted to change this. Her idea: to show rehab patients their personal training improvements with the gait pattern. Within the scope of a test phase over several weeks, the studio recorded the gait pattern in test subjects between 20 and 90 years of age during various test exercises. Out of this, a specially adapted training plan was developed. A control group trained as usual.

After 6 weeks of training, the gait pattern was recorded and analysed again. The improvements were clearly visible for the studio staff as well as for the participants themselves. The patients completed the test exercises at a higher speed and much more evenly. This provides a clear evidence of the positive effects of fitness training on strength and stability.

Stefanie Strelzyk, Head of Body Up Med, is enthusiastic: “Most of all, we were able to show our rehabilitation customers how much targeted strength training on sport equipment is good for them. In addition to their prescribed group lessons, some participants continue to train on the sport equipment and have opted for a permanent membership.”