Future-Shape GmbH has years of experience in material science, smart textiles, capacitive sensor technology, radio systems and integration in home automation, alarm and nurse call systems. Smart technology for various IOT applications.

SensFloor® Gait

Gait Recording

Gait recording provides useful data for health status assessments in Neurology, Geriatrics and Rehab. Using the gait pattern, the expert is able to evaluate the effect of physical training and medication. Especially for patients with a higher risk of falling, early diagnosis and treatment are essential.

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Smart Shelf®

Intelligent Shelf

Mounted in a shelves system, the SensFloor can indicate the filling level of various kind of products


Glass panels as sensors

With SensGlass, glass panels become proximity sensors

Possible to adapt the system for client specific security applications for doors, windows and showcases


Knowing where to go

The innovative floor with integrated  RFID Tags for robot navigation, localisation and quality management