Groundbreaking ceremony in Traunreut, Germany

On 3rd May 2022, Future-Shape celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new state-of-the-art care facility together with the project partners and the second Mayor of Traunreut, Mr Schroll. A flagship project for age-appropriate living with 99 beds is being built on the 2,850 m2 site in the Westendstraße in Traunreut. The property is scheduled to be ready for occupancy at the end of 2023 and will be built as an energy-saving efficient house according to the KfW 40 standards. It will also be heated ecologically with district heating from the geothermal power plant in Traunreut. The modern building is not only characterised by its energy efficiency, which is unparalleled in the care sector, but also convinces with cutting-edge technology and a well-thought-out concept inside the building.

Small residential groups for a homely atmosphere

Living in the new facility is supposed to be like living in a big family. There are no anonymous wards, but small living groups preparing meals and eating together, following the cook and chill system. For this purpose, the kitchens are built barrier-free in order to be accessible to wheelchair users. Single rooms with private bathrooms are standard within the living groups. Double rooms are available for couples and on request. A quarter of the rooms are fully equipped for wheelchair users, i.e. they have more space as well as wheelchair-adapted fixtures and technology. Several spacious terraces on the individual floors and a lovingly designed garden invite you to relax. Nature-loving residents can enjoy gardening in raised beds. A cafeteria, a large common room and a small chapel round off the services.

Protected living area for people with severe dementia

People with severe dementia are often disoriented. Therefore, they need a safe, protected living area where they can still move freely and where they receive therapeutic support. Sheltered housing requires a particularly high level of staffing, is often unprofitable for the operators and is therefore a scarce commodity in today’s care market. A large, sheltered living area is planned on the ground floor of the new Traunreut care facility. The rooms cluster around a reconstructed marketplace that brings old memories to life and gives free rein to the illness-related urge to move. The residents can enter their own enclosed garden freely and independently.

Visualisation © IEB Care

Optimal working conditions for the nursing staff

The skilled labour shortage is a serious problem in the care sector. This makes attractive working conditions all the more important. The residential group concept also means more pleasant and individual work for the staff. Working in a way that is easy on the back is a priority, and all work aids such as beds, bathtubs, hoists, desks, etc. comply with the latest technology standards and make daily work easier. A large staff room creates space for communication and a pleasant area for working on the computer. Besides, in the staff room, the invisible centrepiece of the care home is visible on the screen: SensFloor.

SensFloor – a state-of-the-art assistance system for nursing care

The highly modern assistance system SensFloor is installed under the floor and takes care of the senior residents 24/7. If someone falls, SensFloor immediately and automatically alerts the caregivers. Each fall is detected promptly, therefore fast, often life-saving help is guaranteed in Traunreut. A major advantage for the safety of the elderly.

To prevent falls from happening in the first place, the caregivers are even prophylactically notified if a resident at risk of falling gets up at night. At the same time, orientation lights are automatically switched on. The help of a caregiver on the way to the bathroom combined with the automatic lighting significantly reduces the risk of falls and the resulting hip fractures.

The smart floor not only sends notifications and alarms, but also records a movement pattern. Such patterns are meaningful parameters when looking at a person’s state of health and can indicate deterioration at an early stage.

Not only the residents, but also the caregivers benefit from SensFloor. They are automatically notified if one of their residents is in danger, which is quite reassuring in the stressful daily care routine. On the ward terminal of the staff room, they can also see in which rooms there is activity and where the residents are sleeping. They can schedule their work better and avoid unnecessary rounds, especially at night. The residents, who become more independent thanks to SensFloor, benefit from a better quality of life, which also has a positive effect on the work environment in the facility.

The operator is SeniorenService Reif GmbH

SeniorenService Reif GmbH is the operator of this outstanding facility. « In this new residence with an all-round living concept in familiar residential groups, we can truly get to the heart of our many years of experience in care and senior living and are pleased to be able to support and operate this unique project », says Alois Reif, Managing Director of the GmbH.

« Remaining autonomous and independent while being safe and cared for into old age. In this facility, we can meet this simple yet very high standard and achieve our goals in the best possible way, » Reif continues. The appealing architecture, the beautiful and highly modern equipment and technology, in combination with professional care and sensitive support, provide the residents a loving home.

All in all, an exceptional care project the future residents and their care staff can already look forward to today. A concept the operators, but also the district of Traunstein, can be proud of!

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From left to right: Axel Steinhage (Future-Shape), Investor Christl Lauterbach (SensFloor Care GmbH) with Peter Wiesner, Sebastian Stoll (Future-Shape), Roland Hartl (Structural Engineer), Architect Fr. Diessner (Diessner Architekten München), Max Tiefenthaler (Ingenieurteam Rosenheim), Florian Reif and Petra Oertel (SeniorenService-Reif GmbH), Project Developers Florian and Sebastian Behrend (IEB Care GmbH), Reinhold Schroll (Second Mayor of Traunreut)