10 apartments with fall alarm and long-term activity monitoring

In November 2015, within the scope of the European funding project UNCAP, ten bedrooms and bathrooms in the Höhenkirchen senior residence were equipped with the large surface SensFloor system. In 10 additional rooms, SensFloor sensor mats immediately trigger an alarm to the care staff when a person tries to get up. With this system, a statistical investigation during the next two years aims to establish the fall detection rate and evaluate the support given by a fall prevention tool. In 2007, the management of the residence also joined a fall prevention program initiated by the German health insurance company AOK, including very detailed fall statistics. Now this excellent database will be available for the statistical evaluation of the SensFloor system in the UNCAP project.

The SensFloor system was installed under tiles in the bathrooms and under PVC in the living-areas. In this UNCAP project a fall alert is being forwarded from the existing SECARE nurse call system (from the company MINOS) to the caregivers on their pagers.

SensFloor also activates LED name plates on each door. This way the care personnel can even detect while passing by if the nurse-call system has been activated, if a resident has left his bed, if a fall has been detected and if a nurse is in the bedroom.

Within the next two years, the project will help optimising the SensFloor system. After many years of fall statistics, we will be able to prove statistically the efficiency of the SensFloor and also evaluate its financial benefits.