Sustainable Care for Elderly People, Hamburg, 2014

In the project “Vernetztes Wohnen im Quartier – zukunftsfähige Versorgung älterer Menschen in Hamburg” (Connected Living in the Neighbourhood – Sustainable Care for Elderly People in Hamburg), the practicality and combination of various technologies and services for older people are being scientifically researched.

The SensFloor system was installed on a surface of approx. 40 sqm in the bedroom, living room and dining area of a model flat in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst. Invisible under the floor covering, it detects the activities of the residents, can switch orientation lights and request help via an emergency call function, in the event of a fall that could have been otherwise undetected. The smart floor system is connected to the building technology of the flat. This means that the activities detected by the connected floor can also be used for further safety and comfort functions, such as controlling automatic doors, reporting long periods of inactivity, connection to a burglar alarm system or also reporting water leaks.

Project coordination: Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH