Record gaits quickly and cost-effectively

For neu­ro­lo­gists, ger­ia­tri­ci­ans and orthopedists

Invisible measurement system

Quick, easy recording

Low investment costs

Most methods for docu­men­ting an individual’s gait are expen­si­ve and com­plex. Sen­s­Flo­or Gait gives neu­ro­lo­gists, ger­ia­tri­ci­ans and ortho­pe­dists an afforda­ble and, most important­ly, fast recor­ding method. Sen­s­Flo­or Gait is instal­led under flo­o­ring, making it invi­si­ble. Pati­ents walk over the mea­su­re­ment sys­tem unself­con­scious­ly and in their uni­que gait.

Recorded data

  • Wal­king speed

  • Length and width of steps and strides

  • Asym­me­tries and instabilities

  • Can be used for extra­po­la­ting fall risk

  • Suc­cessful tre­at­ments / modifications

Objective parameters

  • Fall risk assessment

  • Ear­ly detec­tion of diseases
    (Par­kin­sons, frail­ty syn­dro­me, tibia­lis ante­rior weak­ne­ss and other neu­ro­lo­gi­cal and mus­cu­los­ke­le­tal diseases)

  • Docu­ment dise­a­se progression

  • Assess effects of phy­si­cal the­ra­py and medications


  • Invi­si­ble, incor­po­ra­ted into the flooring

  • Natu­ral wal­king patterns

  • Quick, easy data capture

  • Robust tech­no­lo­gy, free from wear and tear

  • Low invest­ment costs

  • Not a medi­cal device (no need for high­ly invol­ved inspections)

  • Can be bil­led accor­ding to the Fede­ral Medi­cal Fee Sche­du­le (GOÄ)

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