SensFloor® Gait

For Gait recording

Provides useful data for health status assessments in Neurology, Geriatrics and Rehab. Using the gait pattern, the expert is able to evaluate the effect of physical training and medication. Especially for patients with a higher risk of falling early diagnosis and treatment are essential.

Objective parameters


  • Speed, average step length and width, …
  • Asymmetric and instable gait pattern
  • Data structured and saved for medical record
Objective parameters Gait
Objective parameters Gait
State of health


  • Evaluate effects of treatment
  • Timely recognition of risk of falling
  • Indication for neurological diseases
Invisible and space-saving

Integrated Solution

  • Invisible – no inhibition threshold
  • Natural gait
  • Always available, no additional space required
  • Easy assessment
  • Robust and non-expendable technology

SensFloor Underlay

  • SensFloor patches with 1,5m x 0,75m
  • Suitable for rollators and other walking supports


Geriatric Department at the Frankfurt Oder clinic

Geriatric Department at the Frankfurt Oder clinic

How fit are you?

How fit are you?