Age-appropriate living
is a promise.

An assis­tance sys­tem sup­ports your resi­dents as needed
and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly calls for help in an emergency.

Call for help in an emergency

Smart support

An investment that pays off

Age-appro­pria­te living means more than grab bars in the bath­room and an emer­gen­cy call but­ton on the wall. If you want your resi­dents to be able to live in your apart­ments for a long time and remain inde­pen­dent, you must plan ahead during the con­cep­ti­on pha­se. The Sen­s­Flo­or® Life assis­tance sys­tem is invi­si­ble. It pro­vi­des dis­creet sup­port in day-to-day life and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly sum­mons help in an emergency.

Invest once – make age-appro­pria­te living pos­si­ble over the long term!

Automatic fall alarm

The auto­ma­tic fall alarm is extre­me­ly relia­ble and imme­dia­te­ly alerts fami­ly mem­bers, care ser­vices, or an emer­gen­cy centre.

Inactivity is detected

What if a resi­dent does not get up in the mor­ning or does not come home in the evening? Upon request, someone is noti­fied in such cases.


If a resi­dent with demen­tia unex­pec­ted­ly lea­ves the resi­dence at night, a per­son in char­ge is contacted.

Better health

Sen­s­Flo­or noti­ces chan­ges in the dai­ly rou­ti­ne and wal­king beha­viour. As a result, health pro­blems are detec­ted ear­ly on.

Lighting control

The light is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly swit­ched on and off — depen­ding on whe­re someone curr­ent­ly is. Auto­ma­tic night lights signi­fi­cant­ly decrease the risk of falls.

Smart home controls

The apart­ment responds to the pre­sence of tho­se who live the­re. Depen­ding on whe­re resi­dents hap­pen to be, the sys­tem opens doors, turns on ven­ti­la­ti­on or adjus­ts the temperature.

Voice assistant

The enti­re smart home can also be voice-con­trol­led. The assistant ans­wers gene­ral ques­ti­ons and even calls for help, if requested.

Modular integration

Once instal­led, the sys­tem can be con­ti­nuous­ly adapt­ed to the needs of the peo­p­le living the­re. Inte­gra­ti­on with other sys­tems is simp­le and useful.

Invisible support

The­re are no stig­ma­ti­sing devices in the room. The sys­tem is not visi­ble, but the dif­fe­rence can be felt in the dai­ly lives of seni­or resi­dents. The resi­dence is and remains a place of well-being.


With a fle­xi­ble assis­tance sys­tem, your resi­den­ces are also equip­ped for the future.

Guaranteed age-appropriate

Age-appro­pria­te is not a meanin­g­less phra­se, but rather a pro­mi­se. Sen­s­Flo­or is an over­all con­cept and allows your resi­dents to remain in the faci­li­ty over the long term.

Long-term clients

Sin­ce resi­dents can also remain in the faci­li­ty even with incre­asing needs for sup­port, you have less hass­le from resi­dent turnover.

What our cus­to­mers are saying

Assis­ted living is beco­ming a trend. That’s why we’ve been offe­ring Sen­s­Flo­or Life for 2 years as solu­ti­on spe­ci­fi­cal­ly tail­o­red to this life­style. Our cus­to­mers are enthusiastic—we’re hap­py to let them express their thoughts here.