A proven, certified sensor system

For appli­ca­ti­ons in the fields of health care, ath­le­tics, safe­ty, retail and multimedia

Over 15 years on the market

CE and ISO certified

Winner of multiple awards

SensFloor turns your floor into a touchpad

The Sen­s­Flo­or sys­tem con­sists of a sen­sor under­lay, a small recei­ver and smart soft­ware that ana­ly­zes and dis­plays sen­sor data

The invi­si­ble sen­sors are loca­ted under the nor­mal flo­o­ring, trans­forming your enti­re flo­or into a giant touch­pad. Ever­yo­ne who walks on it lea­ves traces, which the Sen­s­Flo­or soft­ware ana­ly­zes, reco­gni­zing situa­tions and trig­ge­ring asso­cia­ted respon­ses. The AI-gui­ded sys­tem can learn dai­ly pat­terns (such as day-to-day rou­ti­nes in a given room) and report con­spi­cuous chan­ges. No per­so­nal data are lin­ked to the traces you lea­ve — the infor­ma­ti­on recor­ded is anony­mous and 100% in com­pli­ance with data pri­va­cy laws. Becau­se they are digi­ti­zed right whe­re the acti­vi­ty takes place, data can be acqui­red inter­fe­rence-free on sen­sor sur­faces of vir­tual­ly unli­mi­t­ed size, which can be con­nec­ted or sepa­ra­ted in any desi­red configuration.

Sen­sors loca­ted under the flo­o­ring mea­su­re movements

Data trans­fer to a sin­gle receiver

Sen­s­Flo­or soft­ware ana­ly­zes the data

The soft­ware trig­gers appro­pria­te responses

AI lear­ns dai­ly rou­ti­nes and reco­gni­zes deviations


  • Available in dif­fe­rent reso­lu­ti­ons (16 – 64 sen­sor fields per sq. m, depen­ding upon the

  • Robust and long-lasting

  • No nega­ti­ve impact on inte­ri­or design

  • Can be inte­gra­ted into any flo­or plan

  • Invi­si­ble and discreet

  • Coll­ects data from the enti­re room—even hid­den corners

SensFloor receiver

  • Real-time data trans­fer to a PC or Raspber­ry Pi

  • Seam­less inte­gra­ti­on with call sys­tems, smart homes, etc.

  • Open inter­faces

  • 100% data secu­ri­ty — data stay within the room, not in the cloud

SensFloor software

Intel­li­gent ana­ly­sis algo­rith­ms use Sen­s­Flo­or data to crea­te an acti­vi­ty pro­fi­le for ambient
assis­ted living (AAL) and inter­net of things (IoT) applications.

  • Num­ber of people

  • Pre­sence-based acti­va­ti­on of inte­gra­ted third-par­ty devices (call sys­tems, medi­cal alert sys­tems, light­ing, mul­ti­me­dia, etc.)

  • Pre­cis­e­ly detects a person’s posi­ti­on and their wal­king speed

  • Records all kinds of falls

  • Pre­sence detection

  • Deploy­ment of an open API makes per­so­nal appli­ca­ti­ons easy to implement

  • Deve­lo­p­ment kit available as a plug & play ver­si­on for developers

  • Incor­po­ra­tes AI and self-lear­ning systems

SensFloor applications in senior living and health care

We offer pre­con­fi­gu­red seni­or living solu­ti­ons that ensu­re safe­ty, allow seni­ors to live inde­pendent­ly and ligh­ten the load for caregivers.

Sen­s­Flo­or Care for inpa­ti­ent care and hospitals

Sen­s­Flo­or Life for inde­pen­dent living

Sen­s­Flo­or Home for a han­di­cap-acces­si­ble pri­va­te home

Sen­s­Flo­or Gait for gait recording

We offer the fol­lo­wing fea­tures for
seni­or living applications:

Features and scenarios:

  • Fall alarm

  • Get­ting out of bed

  • Fai­ling to return to bed

  • Ente­ring the bathroom

  • Stay­ing in the bath­room for a long time

  • Lea­ving the room
  • Lea­ving the apartment
  • Pre­sence detection
  • Num­ber of peo­p­le in a room
  • Acti­vi­ty measurement
  • Wal­king speed
  • Step para­me­ter

Browser-based station terminal:

  • Over­all view of all rooms

  • Situa­ti­on in indi­vi­du­al rooms

  • Ana­ly­zes room acti­vi­ties over any desi­red peri­od of time

  • Play­back fea­ture: How did the fall happen?

  • Each room alarm can be adapt­ed to indi­vi­du­al needs

Integration of potentially useful third-party technology:

  • Call sys­tems

  • Emer­gen­cy call centers

  • Push noti­fi­ca­ti­on ser­vice for smartphones

  • Auto­ma­tic night light

  • Buil­ding automation

  • API and in-house developments

Advantages of SensFloor over other senior living assistance systems

Sen­s­Flo­orWeara­blesBed padsCame­ra systemInfrared sen­sorsRadar sen­sors
Fall alarm
Relia­bly iden­ti­fies falls of all kinds++--+++
Coll­ects data from the enti­re room (even behind fur­nis­hings and in sunlight)++++----
Addi­tio­nal features
Can pre­vent falls++--+++
Iden­ti­fies chan­ges in health status++--+++
Inte­gra­tes with smart-home technology++---+-
Data pri­va­cy and visibility
Pro­tects your pri­va­te sphere++++++--+
Invi­si­ble, non-stigmatizing++---++

SensFloor API applications — unlimited possibilities

Thanks to the Sen­s­Flo­or API, you can use data via Web­So­cket or a seri­al inter­face for secu­ri­ty, mul­ti­me­dia, retail, ath­le­tics appli­ca­ti­ons, etc. Many of our enthu­si­a­stic cus­to­mers have inte­gra­ted Sen­s­Flo­or into an extre­me­ly diver­se array of applications: