is a large area capacitive sensor floor, installable beneath any kind of flooring – invisible and discreet. Persons walking across the floor trigger signals which are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. This system can calculate the number of persons on the floor, their direction and speed as well as detect falls. Several standard-interfaces are available for client-specific data analysis infrastructure. SensFloor offers a variety of applications in health care, Ambient Assisted Living, home automation, security and multimedia.

SensFloor® Underlay

The Floor Becomes a Touch Screen

  • The SensFloor is a 3mm thick underlay, similar to an impact sound insulation
  • Capacitive sensors in the SensFloor detect persons and conductive materials
  • Proximity sensing – no pressure necessary, therefore high mechanical endurance
  • Presence detection even without movement
  • Installable beneath any kind of flooring, even parquet or tiles
SensFloor® Receiver

Numerous Interfaces

  • Data transmission by radio to a SensFloor receiver in the same room
  • Receiver calculates the movements
  • Transmission of activity data to any end device
  • Interfaces: HDMI, Ethernet, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth, floating relay or Cloud
SensFloor® System

Identify and Respond to Scenarios

  • Counting of persons, identify their direction and speed
  • Distinction between walking and lying persons
  • Heatmaps for presence and distribution analysis
  • Presence-controlled light and air conditioning
  • Fall and activity alarm, localisation of intruders

Why SensFloor®

Proximity-sensitive sensors (e.g. SensFloor®)

  • Non-mechanical measurement system -> high long-term endurance
  • Installable beneath any flooring except conductive flooring
  • Necessary active sensor area approx. 2/3 of room area
  • No special baseboard necessary, adaptable to any room geometry
  • High time- and location resolution of presence of persons
  • Human movement tracking shows direction and speed of movement
  • New application gait recording for evaluation of the risk of falling of a person
  • Static signals: people trigger signals even without movement, if they are staying or laying on the floor
  • Compatible to all standard home automation, indoor call and client-server systems
  • Wireless data transmission between sensor underlay and transceiver – no data lines required
  • Water puddles are detected (fall prevention)
  • No fixed connection between sensor floor and top flooring required: flooring can be renovated without destroying the sensor floor

Pressure-sensitive sensors

  • Mechanic measurement system -> long-term stability critical
  • Installable beneath flexible flooring only (PVC, carpet)
  • Special wall sockets containing electronics required, system interrupted by doors and deep window panes
  • Localisation with relatively low space resolution
  • Signals generated through movement, no static signals detectable
  • Sensor floor and top flooring fixed, sensor floor will be destroyed during renovation of the flooring
  • Low resolution, no tracking possible, strong impact for fall detection necessary