Kaiser-Wilhelm-Stift in Kiel, Germany

The his­to­ric seni­or citi­zens cent­re in the heart of Kiel offers indi­vi­du­al living apart­ments to its resi­dents. In the resi­den­ti­al area of the Kai­ser Wil­helm I. Stifts, seni­or citi­zens are fee­ling pam­pe­red with a “care­free packa­ge” that includes not only meals but also exten­si­ve ser­vices such as clea­ning of the apart­ment, cul­tu­ral and enter­tain­ment pro­gram­mes and much more.

Howe­ver, some of the still quite inde­pen­dent resi­dents have cho­sen to bene­fit from a plus in secu­ri­ty. In the­se rooms, the Sen­s­Flo­or moni­tors their well-being and alerts the staff in the event of a fall.

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