© Biborg 2016 Dare­de­vil Digi­tal Dream

Biborg´s interactive campaign for Netflix Daredevil in Paris

Net­flix pre­sen­ted the start of the 2nd sea­son of the Dare­de­vil series in March 2016 at a very spe­cial event in the shop­ping cent­re “Les 4 Temps” in Paris. As part of the inter­ac­ti­ve ani­ma­ti­on “Digi­tal Dream” under the dome of the mall, the com­pa­nies BIBORG and CLEAR CHANNEL work­ed tog­e­ther to crea­te the lar­gest indoor screen in Europe.

A 250 m² LED dis­play and a 16 meters ver­ti­cal screen offer the spec­ta­tors an impres­si­ve 360° experience!
The Sen­s­Flo­or under­lay below the 4 steps of the podi­um detects the pre­sence of peo­p­le and trig­gers light­ing effects as well as impres­si­ve ani­ma­ti­ons on the screens.

Sen­s­Flo­or detects the pre­sence of people
“This pro­ject was a com­ple­te suc­cess, we recei­ved only good feed­back from the cus­to­mers.” Mr. Emi­li­en Chi­che, Biborg Seni­or Crea­ti­ve Tech­no­lo­gist also belie­ves that “only 10% of the poten­ti­al of Sen­s­Flo­or tech­no­lo­gy has been used for this pro­ject so far”.

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