Interactive, conceptual installation

This art­work instal­la­ti­on was a joint pro­ject of the Scan­di­na­vi­an Design Group and the oil com­pa­ny Lun­din Nor­way and was pre­sen­ted for the first time at the Off­shore Nor­t­hern Seas (ONS) 2014 trade fair in Sta­van­ger. The 529 acrylic tubes, indi­vi­du­al­ly dri­ven, simu­la­te the water sur­face and are moun­ted bet­ween two levels. The high­ly sophisti­ca­ted sen­sor sys­tem detects the pre­sence of every sin­gle per­son moving insi­de the struc­tu­re. This has a direct effect on the move­ments of the instal­la­ti­on. The lar­ge sen­si­ti­ve flo­or sys­tem Sen­s­Flo­or was inte­gra­ted with four depth came­ras into a real-time model of the envi­ron­ment on which the move­ment pat­tern is based.

“The suc­cess fac­tor for a pro­ject like this lies in the abili­ty to com­bi­ne dif­fe­rent are­as of exper­ti­se at an ear­ly stage in order to get a com­pre­hen­si­ve but detail­ed per­spec­ti­ve on the who­le pro­ject,” says Fri­da Lars­son, Cli­ent Direc­tor and Pro­ject Mana­ger for this pro­ject at Scan­di­na­vi­an Design Group. The instal­la­ti­on can now be admi­red in the new offices of Lun­din Norway.

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