Observation and analysis under realistic conditions

In 2017, the com­pa­ny Migros has tou­red across a num­ber of Swiss shop­ping malls with its „Reac­tion wall“. With the help of the Sen­s­Flo­or sen­sors loca­ted under the flo­o­ring, visi­tors were able to ope­ra­te the game and test their reac­ti­vi­ty at the same time. Par­ti­ci­pan­ts with the best skills could win spor­ty goodies.

The aim of the health cam­paign iMpuls (by the com­pa­ny Migros) was to bring the popu­la­ti­on in a playful way – not edu­ca­tio­nal – clo­ser to the topic “exer­cis­ing”. The visi­tors had to find out: How am I doing with sports? What can I impro­ve? How can I bring more move­ment into my dai­ly life?

At the heart of the iMpuls booth con­cept were the three ele­ments “Reac­tion wall”, “Wheel of for­tu­ne” and “Type gene­ra­tor” which had been con­cei­ved by made Mar­ke­ting espe­ci­al­ly for this campaign.

You can find more infor­ma­ti­on about the pro­ject on the web­site of made Mar­ke­ting.

Video and pho­tos © made Mar­ke­ting

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