3Monkeys’ game control at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Rudi Buch­ner, Chief Tech­ni­cal Offi­cer at 3Monkeys, explains: “We were loo­king for an exci­ting new con­trol sys­tem for a children’s game. A con­trol that is fun and inter­ac­ti­ve, but can also be ope­ra­ted intui­tively by child­ren. After sur­fing the web for a while, I stumb­led across Future-Shape, who offe­red a very inte­res­t­ing pro­duct: the Sen­s­Flo­or. After a few con­ver­sa­ti­ons about inter­faces, we rea­li­sed what we wan­ted to do: a com­pu­ter game for child­ren for which the con­trol sys­tem runs on the floor.”

Sen­s­Flo­or and Hopathon
“Tog­e­ther with the Sen­s­Flo­or mate­ri­al, all that remain­ed was to con­nect the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on pro­to­cols of the ground sen­sors with the real-time gra­phics sys­tem of Ven­tuz and the Hopa­thon was born.” Rudi con­ti­nues: “Our end cus­to­mer Action Impact was enthu­si­a­stic about the final result and the Hopa­thon work­ed flaw­less­ly throug­hout the week. Espe­ci­al­ly exci­ting for me is the fact that we just scrat­ched the func­tion­al pos­si­bi­li­ties of the Sen­s­Flo­or at the tip of the ice­berg, so stay tun­ed and don’t miss what we have in stock next!”

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