Fast is in the air

In the Nike House of Inno­va­ti­on, a speed cage attracts passers-by on the Champs-Ély­­sées. The 20 m² play­ing field is equip­ped with an inter­ac­ti­ve flo­or and inspi­res visi­tors with sports games.

Sen­s­Flo­or detects every move­ment beneath the arti­fi­ci­al turf. With or wit­hout a ball at their feet, ever­yo­ne can test their speed, con­cen­tra­ti­on, and agi­li­ty – and, of cour­se, chall­enge others.

An enthu­si­a­stic com­mu­ni­ty of sports fans has dis­co­ver­ed the Speed Cage and regu­lar­ly tri­es to beat the latest records. Rea­dy, Set, Go!

Pho­to­grapher: Valen­tin Fouge­ray @valentinfougeray
Video­grapher: Charles Lan­ce­p­lai­ne @charliedanger

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